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Dumbell H.i.i.T.

In this video I’m doing lateral curls shoulder and chest presses while moving side to side. These compound movements target biceps with the curls the shoulders and chest with the presses. It’s also raises your heart rate for cardio!!!

Stepper Medicine Ball

This exercise works your core and legs at the same time with the stepping twisting motion. Also with the repeaters motion bringing the knee up while engaging the core muscles. Also with the step motion your heart rate raises which is perfect for cardio.


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Power Band Routine

In this video I’m using the power bands to super set arms/shoulders. First I did combination curls and shoulder presses then isolated and double hammer curls super setted with bent over rows. Lastly I did cross hammers super setted with side laterals targeting the shoulders and arms.

Medicine Ball Routine

In this video I’m using the 8 lb medicine ball to do a series if compound movements to strengthen the core and legs. Also it targets your cardio as well.

Medicine Ball H.i.i.T.

In this video I’m doing 4 compound movement exercises using the medicine ball. Each movement uses the legs and abs making this a compound movement. It’s also a H.i.i.T high intensity interval workout that raises your heart rate and improves your cardio.

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